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Every single photo is important for us or our business. Even if there is some skin defect or wrinkle, there was a reason to make this single or group picture. Restoring old photos gives memories: long lost relatives, friends from school and photographs of memorable vacations decades ago constitute memories that are way too precious to be allowed to wither away.

Pinnacle Edits specialists are ready to repair your mold damaged photos and make them look even better than initial images with colors, WB, saturation and contrast being on point.

Restoration is a simple and flexible service to have your old scanned images restored digitally to its original. Our technical experts working on your image restoration are well qualified in black and white to color, color to black and white, sepia tone conversions, digital hand coloring, color adjustments, balancing, tones, tints, matching and sequencing. Selective tints, new color schemes, modernization, duo tones, tri-tones and four colors are used to bring out the best in digital photo restoration.

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Our image restoration service Includes

• Fix scratches, creases and tears

• Fine tune hands and fingertips
• Head/Body/Details Swap
• Repair Damaged Parts
• Color Correction
• Blemishes Removal
• Piece together torn photographs
• Fix red eye
• Remove wrinkles and pouches
• Fix missing teeth and remove braces
• Removed yellowness from aged photographs
• Bring sharpness, detailing and focus
• Remove dirt spots and stains
• Color faded photographs
• Eye-glasses Glare Fixing
• Overall Enhancement
• Open closed eyes & take away sleepiness
• Reconstruct missing sections
• Remove pen marks
• Correct make-up elements
• Correct eyebrow width and remove stray hair