Do you do rush jobs?

Pinnacle Edits has a large team and can definitely do rush jobs. We will have our team work out the logistics and have your files delivered as per your needs.

An invoice will be generated after you complete the payment process. It will be available in your PE’s account and will also be sent via email.

1. Launch the Lightroom catalog. You can either double click the catalog or open up Lightroom and select:
2. Open Catalog…
3. Under the ‘Folders’ tab you will see a small folder with a question mark ‘?’ on it .
4. Right click on this and click ‘Find Missing Folder’
5. A box will appear. This is where you will need to browse the location of the RAW/JPEG files. Navigate to that file location and select that folder. Click ‘Choose.’
6. Lightroom will then start connecting to the images and it will start appearing in the catalog.

There are several ways to generate Smart Preview files:
When you import new images into your catalog, select Build Smart Previews (Import dialog > File Handling section). Smart Previews are created for all the images imported into the catalog.
When you export a set of photographs as a catalog, you can choose to build and include Smart Previews in the exported catalog. Click File > Export as Catalog, and then select the Build/Include Smart Previews checkbox.
On the fly
You can create Smart Preview files on demand. Select the files for which you want Smart Previews, and then click Library > Previews > Build Smart Previews.

Please check out the link below For detailed instructions on how to create Smart Previews:

Smart Previews are much smaller than the original photos. You can free up disk space on devices with smaller storage capacities (for example, SSD drives) by choosing to keep original files on a high-capacity external device (for example, NAS devices or external discs). For example, 500 raw images from a high-end DSLR camera may occupy 14 GB of disk space. The Smart Preview files for the same images amounted to 400 MB of disk space.

Smart Previews are lossy DNG files which are a maximum size of 2540 pixels on their longest edge. They are created from the original raw files and they are stored in a folder in the same location as the Lightroom catalog.

You can make use of cloud storage services like – Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, iCloud, Hightail , etc., to share your photographs for editing. If you are a registered client with us, we provide you with FTP details to upload your images.

To provide the most secure and easy payment method, all payments are made using PayPal in conjunction with our order entry system.

Quality is utmost important in our industry and consistency in quality is very crucial. We understand that and in order to provide consistency in quality and turnaround time, we do set a dedicated team of 2-3 editors (varies on amount of work) who would be specifically working on your images from the beginning of our partnership. Also, we have a 3 tier quality process before the final delivery. We always look forward to the feedback, as your opinions/feedback will help us to streamline the workflow.


No problem at all 🙂 You can always contact us in any such situation and we would be happy to provide you those details after suitable verifications.

We deliver the images in the formats and resolution of your choice. In case you do not specify a particular format or resolution, we deliver it in the same specification as the raw image you uploaded.

We deliver the images the same way you upload them. We use FileZilla and provide you with the FTP login details so that you can download your processed images. We also notify you when your order has been finished so that you don’t have to keep checking.

We edit your images and deliver them back within 24 hours of your uploading them. However, this number can decrease or increase depending upon the service you choose and the volume of your order.To know more about it, call or Email us on

Definitely , if you are stuck or doubtful at any point, you can always request a call back or email us, so that our technical experts will help you out and with respect to your permission, we can take your remote desktop session in order to resolve all your queries.

We assure you that there would be no violation of your privacy whatsoever and we follow strict data security methodologies. We sign a non-disclosure agreement with our clients, right at the time of commencement of services and a confidentiality agreement with our employees to protect our proprietary information.

No, we can handle any number of megabytes of your photos as our servers are capable of handling enough data traffic and we have open bandwidth for all the customers.

Our experts are capable of doing a lot more than is possible to list on the website. If you have any custom requirements which are not listed, feel free to contact us so that we might be able to help you.We always try our best and dont lose our customer’s hope.

Pinnacle Edits caters to photographers from different verticals. Listed below are the services we provide :

1 – Culling & Color Correction
2 – Color Correction
3- Retouching
4 – Real Estate
5 – Album Design

You must choose Pinnacleedits because we employ the most talented editors to work on your images, and our prices are quite affordable for you. To top it all, we boast of a turnaround time of just 24 hours, which means that we value your time, money and quality concerns more than anyone else.

If you are a first time customer, you can begin with taking a free trial. It would give you a sneak peek into the quality of our services and quick turnaround time. If you are happy with the trial photo editing work and want to place an order, we would assist you to upload your images using FTP client software like FileZilla or other browser based sharing websites like Dropbox and wetransfer.

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